the robot sits in the corner and contemplates being a basketball player. he imagines being in the dim lighting of a locker room being interviewed by a noticably uncomfortable female journalist. she will talk to the robot due to his cold metal exterior that doesn’t have to be covered by a towel. she will look at the robot and not be reminded of her ex-boyfriend’s bum. instead, she will think of her toaster. she will interview the robot and afterwards she will stay for a minute to talk to the robot. the robot will touch the journalist’s arm and the journalist will draw back from his chilly touch. a moment later the robot will try the same move and the journalist will close her eyes. she will think of a teenage boyfriend who would hold both of her hands during winter walks when she would forget her gloves. the journalist will stand to leave and the robot will ask her to dinner. she will agree. there, she will realize she is having dinner with a robot. there, the robot will realize he is gay.