The robot felt behind the times. he started to wear a hair piece. the problem was its attachedness, by which i mean, the previous wearer of the hair piece was still quite involved with it. no matter, the robot thought, we can come to some sort of agreement. the robot proposed that the man simply wear the robot as a hat on top of the hair piece during the day, and the robot would take this position at night. he assured the man it was feasible, acceptable, probable, and inevitable. the first day, the man’s knees snapped in two trying to sustain the weight of the robot. i realize i don’t look my best, but this is really an absurd reaction, the robot said, probably, underneath the mumbled cries of the man he now lay atop of. the robot stayed this way untill the bones crumbled beneath him, stubborn as he was, by which times hair pieces were in horrible taste. the robot wore a child’s rocking horse on his back, instead, and felt as stylish as ever. hhhhhhh